English Camp

Through the English Camp, Gospel to soldiers overall nations …

What is an English Camp?

  • The English Camp is a missionary ministry that spreads the Gospel through programs that teach English to soldiers and military families in countries that do not speak English as their first language.

Vision and Status

Just as the first fruits of Gentile missions were produced through Cornelius’s family, it is a very biblical special mission to spread the Gospel through the armies of all nations. The English Camp’s vision is to establish a contact point for mission through English education to the soldiers of non-English speaking countries, and to spread the Gospel to establish a Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) in the military of all countries around the world.

MSO guides the active participation of churches and mission agencies with a vision of world evangelization.


  • Remarks: Soldiers (some countries: police, law enforcement agencies) and their families and children 
  • Period: About 2 weeks, mainly during summer or winter vacation
  • Location: Inside or outside the military unit
  • Features: It ensures the safety of missionary activities, conducts English education and Bible study as basic subjects, and is effective when combined with other programs (leadership education, etc.)

How is the English Camp?

  1. It differs from country to country and provides customized training according to the situation of the country.
  2. The English education program utilizes American English Language Training (AELT) and is conversation-oriented. 8-12 students per class depending on the level (flexible depending on the number of teachers and students available).
  3. Pre-training and preparation of the teacher is required, ideally if there is a missionary capable of local cooperation.

What MSO does?

  1. Check the inviting country (required) and the church/institution (sponsored) and connect and cooperate
  2. Cooperation and support for preparatory education
  3. If necessary, dispatch staff, local cooperation, and support
  4. However, mid- and long-term comprehensive planning, development and other necessary cooperation guidance

What the host country does?

  1. Submit an English Camp application form in writing or by mail (function of invitation letter)
  2. The invitation letter will notify the MSO of the English Camp’s acceptance plan, including the desired training schedule, the expected number of participants, the place of education, and capacity, etc., to the MSO one year prior to the desired period (until October of the previous year)
  3. Establish an English Camp operation plan in consultation with the implementing church/institution
  4. Provide and cooperate with the implementing church/institution for information on administrative support, such as the safety of the camp team, immigration procedures, lodging, transportation, and meals.
  5. Personal information of the person in charge of managing the English Camp is notified to the relevant institution (name, contact information, address, e-mail, etc.)

Implementation Church / Organization’s Work

  1. The implementation Church will be notified to the MSO by October of the previous year (including the country desired, the timing of the training, the number of English teachers, the type of education and service, and the size of the dispatch team)
  2. Establish and implement detailed education plans in consultation with the host country
  3. Participate in pre-training
  4. Cooperation in judging required and paying for expenses
  5. Preparation and cooperation for the entire schedule, immigration, lodging, education, etc.

※ The English Camp is supported by MSO, ACCTS, MMI, and other organizations, but it should be conducted under the supervision of the church or mission institution.