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Welcome to the Mission Support Organization(MSO) for the Association of Military Christian Fellowships(AMCF). We praise and honor God, who abundantly has blessed our country to be a center of world mission and gave the command to preach the gospel to every country’s military of the world.

In the midst of God’s blessing, Korea has mobilized 260 chaplains, 650 civilian pastors, and 60,000 Korea Military Christian Fellowship (KMCF) members to serve and evangelize the Korean military with concerted efforts. We also humbly admit that we are entrusted to help the Gospel of our Lord to be spread to the world, especially to every individual of the world military societies. For this purpose, the MSO has been pursuing the task of helping all the countries around world to form their MCFs and to revitalize them. 

The MSO was established in 2002, when General Lee Pil-sup was elected AMCF President, to assist him to perform his job effectively. During his ten-year service for the AMCF, the MSO helped more than 70 countries to establish their respective MCFs with close cooperation with the ACCTS of the United States of America and the MMI of the United Kingdom. Currently, more than 151 countries have their actively working MCFs.  

In addition, every year since 2005, the MSO has conducted the Military Evangelism Observation(MEO) Program which invites no less than 20 people from approximately 15 countries with weak MCFs or without ones at all, and educates and trains them to be the future leaders of their MCFs. We are also dispatching missionaries to South Asian countries including Cambodia acting as the missionary center for the region as well as to Russian-speaking Central Asian Region to help rear up their MCF leaders further and to provide proper assistance to their activities. 

The MSO refurbished its homepage to facilitate communication and coordination among MSO members, and to maintain close contact to and cooperation with AMCF Presidential Bench, ACCTS, MMI and other supporting organizations around world. We also hope that it can provide enough information on our ministerial endeavors to those who are not yet familiar with the AMCF’s activities so that they are encouraged to participate in those activities. 

Please visit the homepage frequently and join us with prayer and support. Once again, we welcome your visit here and wish God’s blessings to be with you and your home and your ministry. Thank you.

August 2020
MSO Chairman Park Nam-pil, Elder


Office Location

3F, Central Military Chapel, 46, Hangang-daero 40-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Postal code: 04383)


Church is located on the right side of about 300 meters to the left alley in the direction of facing the Yongsan Post Office building from Exit 1 of Line 4.
Bus: 149, 152, 500, 501, 506, 507, 750A, 750B, 751
Vehicle: From the intersection of Yongsan Post Office, go up about 300 meters in the direction of Office NEX Building, and you will see the church building on the right.

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