FMC-K Interaction

(Interaction for Foreign Military Christians in Korea)

Through interactive education for Foreign Military Christians in Korea, the gospel to soldiers around the world…
What is the FMC-K Interaction training for Foreign Military Christians in Korea?

A. Interaction for Foreign Military Christians in Korea is a program for foreign military students(including military academies) training at Korea
National Defense University, Army, Navy, Air Force, or civilian colleges.

B. FMC-K Interaction introduces AMCF activities to foreign soldiers and their families who can communicate the love and love of Christian soldiers as world Christian soldiers, thereby equipping them with leadership qualities for missions and MCF activities.

C. As for the education schedule, online education usually runs for 2 days and face-to-face education runs for 3 days, and face-to-face education includes interactive education and cultural tours in Jeju Island.

D. Instructor support is provided by the MSO.

E. After training, they return to their home country and actively participate in the efforts to establish and revitalize the MCF and nurture AMCF’s leaders.

Online participants

Inductive Bible Study (IBS)

Conversational Prayer

Awarded AMCF Badge

Family and children of Participant

Jaundae Chapel