MEO Program

(Military Evangelism Observation Program)

Through the MEO Program, Gospel to soldiers overall nations …


  • Selected military Christian leaders and chaplains are invited to observe and to experience Korean military evangelism conducted daily on bases and supported by military and civilian churches and organizations.
  • The MEO program provides an opportunity to see a mutual support relationship between the armed forces and civilian church communities and their military evangelism organizations. It introduces and emphasizes the vision of the 2030 Movement in the Korean Armed Forces and provides a detailed observation and teaching program.

Period and Place

  • 7 nights and 8 days with KMCF The Prayer Convention for National Salvation
  • YoungSan Camp at Osanri and 9 other places

Main Contents


※ Enhance spiritual self-esteem 

Introduction of activities of Korean military mission agencies

※ Recognition of the importance of cooperation

Education on how to establish and revitalize MCF

※ Search for domestic application by presenting examples and establishment plans

Discipleship Training

※ Promote faith activities and practice nurturing

Participation in KMCF the Prayer Convention for National Salvation

※ Experience the passion and grace of the Holy Spirit

Praise / Fellowship

※ Experience of all one in Christ

Visit the Frontline / Observation of New Baptismal Ceremony

※ Promotion of God’s work and mission of the evangelist


※ Deliver the message of life through devotion and service (international perspective / change of children)

Graduation Ceremony

※ Determination of dispatch and intercession

How to Participate

Foreign Participants

  • Christian soldiers, police, prison guards, etc. (active and reserve)
  • Recommendations from MCF presidents, Vice Presidents, 3PSO, and Korean missionaries
  • Self expenses or support (airfare, accommodation, etc.)

Domestic Participants (participating in ministry, sponsoring)

  • Overseas mission agencies / missionaries
  • Volunteers (interpretation, reception / guidance, home stay, etc.)
  • Participation in sponsorship (MEO-P expenses and airfare support, etc.)

Performance/Expected Effect

  • Increased cooperation with missionary overseas missionaries
  • Creating a’boom’ for the mission of dispatch church (visit / increase activities)
  • Increased mission efficiency through elite mission (maintaining relations, mutual visit / exchange, support)
  • English / Korean camps in parallel with on-site visits and increased efficiency 

※ MEO program established/activated MCF in 71 countries for 10 years

Registration Form for 2022 MEO Program