Ministry Activities

1. Praying / Worship

  • Daily prayer meeting (every 10:00/MSO office)
  • MSO Thursday prayer meeting and Pray & Plan (every Thursday 06:30/Central Military Chapel)
  • Monthly Joint Early Morning Prayer Meeting(1st Wednesday of every month 05:30/Central Military Chapel)
  • Special prayer/retreat

– New Year Worship(Every year on the first Thursday of January 09:30/ Yang Hwa-Jin the Korean Christian Mission 100th Anniversary Memorial Church)

– MSO Executive Retreat(Every year on January/Central Military Chapel)

– AMCF Prayer day(First Saturday of October every year 07:00)

– Closing Worship Service(Every Thursday on the last Thursday of December 06:00/ Central Military Chapel)

– Thanksgiving Worship Service with MSO Supporters (Every 2nd Sunday of November 14:00/Central Military Chapel)

2. Reaching Out

  • Support for AMCF President’s overseas visits and missionary activities ($5,000 per year)
  • MSO executives visiting overseas mission sites / instructor support

– Visit Indochina: Discipleship training in Cambodia, L, M, V

– Visit to Central Asia and attend meetings
(Stan-Dart competition: July every year)

– Other Non-MCF/ Weak MCF countries visit (at any time of the year)

– Visit to domestic churches and mission agencies and worship testimony (at any time of the year)

3. Conference / Meeting

  • AMCF Regional Conference, Interaction participation and support

– Central Asian Regional Conference (Stan-Dart) (July every year / Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan)

– East Asian Regional Conference (every 3 years / Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.)

– East Asia Interaction (every 2 years / Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, etc.)

  • Participation in AMCF’s PSO meeting

– MMI Weekend Retreat (March every year, Salisbury, UK / MMI)

– ACCTS Staff Meeting (September every year, Pennsylvania / WSS)

– AMCF Quinquennial Council (every 5 years, October / USA, UK, Korea, etc.)

– AMCF World Conference (every 10 years)

4. Communicating

  • Activation of communication between AMCF’s PSOs

– Communication through newsletter (AMCF, ACCTS, MMI, MSO)

– Communication through meeting (MSO representative participation in ACCTS and MMI meeting)

– E-mail mutual communication

  • Communication/Fellowship between AMCF presidency and MCFs

– Skype, Zoom, Go to meeting, phone, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

  • Strengthen communication through MSO public relations activities

– MSO website operation: AMCF, 3PSO, related organizations 

– AMCF/MSO introduction video production and distribution

– AMCF QC (every 5 years, USA, UK, Korea, etc.)

– MSO introduction/English Camp/MEO-P promotional brochure production and distribution

5. Teaching and Encouraging

  • MEO-P(Military Evangelism Observation Program)

– Inviting Christian military leaders and chaplains from countries where MCF was not established and has been inactive

– Programs that contribute to the establishment and revitalization of MCFs in participating countries by conducting observation and discipleship training for Korean military missions

  • English Camp

– Teaching English, the world’s official language, through the English Camp, informing the military of the country of AMCF/MSO’s world military mission activities

– Gospel preaching that lays the foundation for promoting friendship and establishing and revitalizing MCF in the country

  • Indochina 4 countries (Cambodia, M, L, V) MCF discipleship training

– Through the promotion of religious beliefs of MCF members, discipleship training, and leadership training

– Foster leaders who can expand and activate their MCF

  • Korean language and culture camp development and demonstration application

– As countries that want to learn Korean (Central Asia region, Mongolia, etc.) increase

– Facilitate military mission in the country by teaching Korean language and culture

  • Interaction

– MSO/KMCF leaders or next leaders will participate in Interactions in Korea and other countries.

– It is a program to increase the career and improve qualities

  • Missionary activities for foreign students and foreign workers in Korea

– By equipping foreign military officers studying at military colleges and national defense colleges with mission and MCF leadership qualities

– This program is to establish MCF and act as a leader after returning home

6. Cooperating

  • Strengthening cooperation between 3PSOs (ACCTS, MMI, MSO)

– Publish newsletter and share information

– Cooperation in publishing AMCF Handbook

  • Instructor training and support for MEO-P and English Camp (CATT)
  • Support for AMCF President’s activities
  • Independent MCF national support (Indochina Mahanaim Mission Center, Russian discipleship missionary)
  • AMCF QC / Regional Conference Support and Cooperation
  • Full round-trip airfare and residence fee support for MEO-P foreign participants
  • English Camp implementation support
  • Support discipleship training in 4 countries in Indochina (Cambodia, M, L, V)
  • Cooperation with overseas missionary agencies and missionary activities
  • Other support / cooperation

Ministry Strategy

Best cooperation in achieving world evangelization vision