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Prayer for the MSO

2021-02-07 07:57

Prayer for the MSO

1. Pray for the comfort of families of those in Korea and around the world who died of COVID-19

2. Pray that the MCF will be established as soon as possible in 46 countries where MCF is not yet established among 196 countries in the   world.

3. Pray for AMCF President Weerasooriya, 14 regional vice-presidents, and UMCEB to prepare for the AMCF World Conference 2024. 

4. Pray for the three principal support organizations of the AMCF--ACCTS of the United States, MMI of the United Kingdom, and MSO of   Korea--to closely cooperate in the world military missionary ministry.

5. Pray that the world will be recovered promptly from COVID-19 Pandemic, and that AMCF regional conferences including the Central Asian Regional Conference (July), the South American Regional Conference (July), the East Asian Interaction (October), and the South African Regional Conference (October) will be held normally.

6. Pray that the MSO's MEO Program 2021 (June), Indochina Cornelius Discipleship Training (May to June), and the discipleship training in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian countries (first half of the year) will be prepared and carried out as planned.

7. Prayer for instructors preparing for MSO online and MEO Program training.

8. For North Korea, China, Djibouti and Somalia where military missionary ministry is impossible at all; and for the Myanmar situation to be stabilized quickly. 

9. For the MSO to participate in the World Conference of the Korean World Missionary Fellowship and actively promote the AMCF's military missionary activities.

10. Pray that the worship in the barracks of the Korean armed forces will be restored and the faith of Christian soldiers will not be weakened in the situation where face-to-face meetings are strictly banned.

11. Pray that the MSO mission in 2021 will be increased in any situation with prayer and enthusiasm for all MSO members' AMCF ministry. 

12. Pray for the doubling of sponsoring churches and individuals for MSO ministry. 

Prayer for Cambodia MCF

1. To ensure that Cambodia MCF executives’ passion for ministry never failed down.

2. Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fill the CMCF activity plan for the first half.

3. To ensure that the first half of Cornelius’ discipleship training is scheduled well.

4. To support the training equipment necessary for the CMCF branch and network construction.

5. Pray that Kampongznang Chuch and Marine Church will grow as example of military church.

6. Pray that the senior pastor of Kampongznang Church will fulfill the stewardship.

7. For the scholarship ministry of the Marine Division to become a base in the growth of schools and churches.


Prayer for the Central Asia

1.  For the COVID-19 Pandemic to calm down rapidly, allowing free travel.

2. Three countries in Central Asia Kazakstan, Girgizstan, and Tajikstan to allow conference and training within the year.

3. To fruit a dedicated and persevering local Christian leaders.

4. Pray for local discipleship training workers to grow and activate MCFs in the region.

5. To naturally provide the gas supply to the training center.

6. To double the number of regular sponsored churches and sponsors for military missions in the former Soviet Union and Central Asia.


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